Stanhopes, or 'peeps', are miniature microphotographic lenses incorporated in many novelty collectables produced from the mid-19th century onwards.

Stanhopes can be found in a range of small collectables, and exist in several main collectors' categories. To view the hidden image, look for a small glass "bead" in a knob or handle of the object, and hold this close to the eye, focused on a light source. Stanhopes are often found in antique novelties made of bone, but are more difficult to spot in dark-coloured objects e.g. carved wood, bog oak or minerals (jet, granite).
Writing equipment Sewing accessories: needle cases, tape measures, pincushions, scissors, thimbles and thimble holders, stilettos and knitting needle guards.
Sewing accessories Writing equipment: penholders, letter openers, mechanical pencils and seals.
Smokers' requisites Smokers' requisites: cigarette and cigar holders, tobacco pipes and vesta cases.
Jewellery Jewellery: charms, watch fobs (especially miniature binoculars), rings, pendants, rosaries and crucifixes.
Rarer items Rarer items: whistles, perfume bottles, miniature chalets, walking canes and beer steins.
Find out more about Stanhope collectables in "Stanhopes: A Closer View", by Jean Scott.

Stanhopes: A Closer View by Jean Scott

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